Bicycle Master Plan

Bicycle Master Plan

A Bicycle Master Plan is a strategic planning instrument within a municipality that will define a series of goals and strategies to increase bicycle use.

But the PDBs should go beyond one area and not be limited to just one municipality, but the different municipalities should be able to follow that line in terms of mobility strategy.

This will require knowledge of the area and of cycling to promote the improvement of the entire infrastructure (network of cycle lanes, safe parking facilities, repair stations).

The PDBs should include a communication strategy focused on promotion and training based on different information and education campaigns in which all social agents can participate: from schools to shops to promote bicycle mobility within the municipality, so that we move towards a more sustainable and active mobility for the people who should play the lead role.

Within our PDBs, people will be involved in the development process as well as the actions to be implemented in the plan.

Get involved and promote cycling in your municipality through our Bicycle Master Plans.

El uso de la bicicleta en los centros escolares.

Estudio de movilidad

Asesoría de cicloturismo

Soluciones de Movilidad: aparcamientos para bicicletas, VMP, bike tools.

Fomentar la movilidad sostenible.

Estrategia de comunicación: formación y promoción del uso de la bicicleta.

Participación ciudadana.

Certificación Mobility By Cycling Friendly

Raising awareness from the Institutions:

From Mobility By Cycling Friendly, we work together with Institutions to promote the use of bicycles as a leading means of transport in the new Sustainable Urban Mobility.

Necesidad de transporte sostenible

Un 40% de desplazamientos diarios en ciudades se producen para ir a trabajar o a centros de estudio

Coche: medio de transporte contaminante

Lamentablemente, casi el 60% de estos desplazamientos se produce en coche.

Objetivo: una sociedad concienciada

Aumentar el número de ciudadanos que prescinden del uso de vehículos privados a combustión y pasen a usar la bicicleta para sus desplazamientos cotidianos.


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