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    Commitment to sustainable mobility in your company

    What is Sustainable Mobility Planning?

    A sustainable mobility plan, also known as the Transport to Work Plan (PTT) or the Company Displacement Plan (PDE), actually consists of measures, developed and implemented in a workplace, to streamline the movement to the place of activity.

    In our free consulting about Sustainable Mobility, we point all the benefits of implementing a Sustainable Mobility Plan in your company.

    What type of mobility solution is most recommended?

    At Cycling Friendly Mobility we are committed to the Bicycle as the most efficient and sustainable vehicle with remarkable physical and mental healthbenefits, air quality, public health, etc.

    The active mobility of the bicycle is health, and healthy and happy people are up to 12% more productive, spending twice as long on tasks, having 65% more energy and a stronger connection to the company.

    Which companies/ institutions can implement PMS?

    The PMS is part of the Corporate Social Responsibility policy and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 agenda.

    Any company or institution that creates mobility to the workplace of its employees and is concerned about its negative consequences,can implement a PMS to achieve higher benefits:

    • Decreasing polluting gas emissions and reduction of carbon footprint.
    • Improving the Corporate Social Responsability (CSR).
    • Improving health (exercise, less stress, less absenteeism).
    • Developing productivity.
    • Improving working environment.
    • Increasing competitiviness.
    • Reducing energy consumption.
    • Reducing accident rates.
    • Reducing traffic congestion and noise.
    • Efficiency and travelling cost optimization.
    • Better occupation of the public space
    • Strengthening the sustainability culture in the organization, etc.