Bicihangar Rocket

Bicihangar Rocket

A safe solution to park your bike or scooter on public roads. Protect bicycles and scooters from vandalism and bad weather conditions with the Bicihangar Rocket bike parking.

It only takes up half a car space, so public space is not a problem for its installation. The Bicihangar Rocket is the flagship product that is transforming cities for urban cyclists and one of our main PMVs and bicycle parking systems.

With the Mobility By Cycling Friendly guarantee, it is the first product certified as a mobility solution.

aparcamiento para bicicletas bicihangar rocket

Features of the Bicihangar Rocket

  • Up to 6 bikes.
  • Takes up half a car space.
  • Civil works or connection to the electrical network are not required.
  • Quick change of location. Possibility to customize.
  • It is an autonomous system using solar energy.

Materials: Galvanized steel and aluminum. Adjustable legs.

Consumption: 20 mA @ 12 V.

Scale: 2,50 m x 2,00 x 1,47 m

Weight: 270 Kg.

Anchoring System: Floor Anchoring

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(VAT, transport and installation not included)

Bicihangar Rocket: the best solution against vandalism

Its format makes it possible to tackle two of the main problems or fears that hold back urban cyclists: bad weather and vandalism. Bad weather conditions and bicycle theft will no longer be a problem to move around by bicycle in our cities.

Charging system: through solar energy

What more sustainable way to power your bicycle parking system than through solar energy! Another reason why you should install a Bicihangar rocket in your city or company.

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