Bicihangar Rocket

Rocket Cycle Hangar

A safe solution to park your bike or scooter on public roads. Protects bikes and scooters from vandalism and bad weather conditions.

It only takes up half a car space, so public space is not a problem for its installation. It is the flagship product that is transforming cities for urban cyclists.

With the Mobility By Cycling Friendly guarantee, it is the first product certified as a mobility solution.

aparcamiento para bicicletas bicihangar rocket

Bicihangar features

  • Up to 6 bikes.
  • Takes up half a car space.
  • Civil works or connection to the electrical network are not required.
  • Quick change of location. Possibility to customize.
  • It is an autonomous system using solar energy.

Materials: Galvanized steel and aluminum. Adjustable legs.

Consumption: 20 mA @ 12 V.

Scale: 2,50 m x 2,00 x 1,47 m

Weight: 270 Kg.

Anchoring System: Floor Anchoring

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(VAT, transport and installation not included)

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