Bike hangar.

Bike hangar:

The bicycle hangar is the best mobility solutionfor large bicycle parking facilities for communal use.

A very common parking system in European countries that meets the needs of cyclists, especially in the densest urban areas.


App or Code Access

App or Code access control and computer system providing more security to its users.

The customer who purchases the Cycling Friendlyhangar will be able to choose whether to offer the use of the hangar for free or to charge for its use. Both options can use the mobile app as opening system.


Reduces bike theft

Thefts and vandalism decrease, offering a very safe and comfortable solution for all users.


Where is it advisable to install a bicycle hangar?

Perfect for large spaces, institutions,shopping centers, train stations, … In short, places with a high number of cycling users.

It is a very useful mobility solution to promote intermodality, mixed journeys by bicycle and public transport.


Protects the bike from bad weather conditions

In many cases, the covered construction protects the bicycle against external influences, such as rain, and guarantees that the cyclist can get on his dry bicycle despite bad weather.

The bike, in better conditions due to less bad weather conditions and sun exposure.




Very efficient solution for large bicycle parking spaces for community use. App or Code access control and computer system providing more security to its users.

Materials: Polycarbonate vault, aluminium front and support frame. Sliding door with irreversible electromechanical geared motor opening. Smart parking system, keypad, security camera. Complies with European Legislation Directive 98/37/EC and standards EN13242-1, EN12445, EN12453 and EN12635.

Weight: –


Nº modules Scale Nº Bikes
1 5,50 * 1,80 8
2 5,55 * 3,60 18
3 5,55 * 5,40 28
4 5,55 * 7,20 38
5 5,55 * 9,00 50
6 5,55 * 11,80 60
7 5,55 * 13,60 70
8 5,55 * 15,40 80


Fitting System: –

Consult prices according to size, models, finishes, features and internal elements.

Optional: Support, communication and maintenance of the system. User billing management in case of charging per seat. Optional solar panels, wind turbines, environmental sensors and e-bike charging points.

(VAT, transport and installation not included)

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