Man on a bridge with a bicycle

According to a study by Shimano Spain, it appears that 39% of the Spanish population would use the e-biketo cycle to work.

In Europe the use of bicycles, according to the survey with a sample of approximately 14,606 people (in 10 countries). This figure is higher because the European population is willing to travel to work by e-bike.

In percentages of bicycles per number of inhabitants, the Netherlands leads the ranking with 47% of the people who would use the e-bike to commute to work.

Italy has similar figures to Spain and Germany, 21%.

According to “Shimano Steps Brand Manager”, Jeroen Van Vulpen, the results of this survey show an upward trend in the e-bike market across Europe.

Special attention should be given to the fact that every e-bike user, as a means of transport to work, is very satisfied. Thanks to the “help of electrical assistance, weather and sweat are a thing of the past”.

Therefore, no more excuses to reduce pollution in cities. Starting to enjoy greener cities, it is in our hand.

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