European Mobilitiy Week 2021

European Mobilitiy Week 2021

European Mobilitiy Week 2021


Since the end of the 90s, the European Mobility Week is celebrated each year, this year’s edition 16-22 September.

The European Mobility Week was created in 1999 and approved by the European Commission in 2000. The main objectives are to foster sustainable mobility during this week with targeted actions and activities in promoting the use of more sustainable transport: walking, use of public transport and cycling.

The theme chosen by the European Commission for this 2021 edition is “Sustainable, healthy and safe mobility” and the campaign slogan is “Sustainable movement for Health”.

On September 22, the Car-Free-Day!event will be held, targetting to find new formulas and solutions to heavy traffic congestion in large cities.

From the Ministry of Transition and the Demographic Challenge, it will hold a webinar on September 16, in addition to presenting the “Spanish Week of Sustainable Mobility Awards”.

To register for the conference please click here.

If you are an institution or company wishing to participate in the European Mobility Week 2021, you can access the European Mobility Weekportal.

Within the EMW 2021 portal you can carry out your specific action related to sustainable mobility via Mobility Actions“. As of today, Spain is the country in the European Union with the most registered actions.

Mobility by Cycling Friendly will be part of SEM 2021.

More and more companies and institutions are participating in the European Mobility Week and registering their mobility actions to promote urban sustainable mobility and for their employees.

As it could not be otherwise, our company will participate in different actions during the European Mobility Week 2021.

Therefore, during 2021, Mobility By Cycling Friendly will focus on three actions aimed at:

  • Company Action: We have created the “Time Bonus”, an important action for our colleagues who commute to the workplace in a sustainable way, allowing them to reduce their working hours during the week. This will enhance our CSR. The bonuses will be the following:
    • If you commute to work with your collegue using “carsharing”: it will be 10 minutes a day.
    • If you use public transport or electric scooter, your bonus will be 15 minutes a day.
    • By bicycle, on foot or running, the company will reward you with 20 minutes a day.

All this, with a gift for all colleagues linked to the slogan of the campaign “Sustainable movement for health”, a “healthy breakfast” benefit.

  • Institutional action: once completed our mobility study, the municipality of Esporles will be chosen to carry out one-off actions during SEM 2021. For this purpose, we have prepared a number of proposals:
    • Presentation of the mobility study.
    • Campaign “Bici – Bus”, closely related to the STARSproject, to access schools by creating safe school lanes and commuting in a sustainable way.
    • Workshops for the youngsters.
    • Sustainable Mobility running.

A complete European Mobility Week to promote sustainable mobility in different parts of the country.

At Mobility by Cycling Friendly, employees commute to the office by bicycle and enjoy secure bike racks.

Sustainable Mobility is the solution!

At Mobility by Cycling Friendly it is clear that sustainable mobility is the perfect tool:

  • sustainable
  • healthy
  • environmental
  • most urban efficient.

Our goal is to change the world by cycling, walking and using public transport, fighting climate change and pollution, for kinder, healthier and friendlier cities. As a result of our philosophy, we offer all kinds of plans and solutions for sustainable mobility by bicycle for companies and institutions.

Our company is environmentally committed, and promotes responsible, ethical and sustainable mobility; All of this is in line with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the United Nations.

Now is the time! Ready to ride together against climate change? #WeRideAgainstClimateChange