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What is Sustainable Mobility Planning about?

Also known as a Workplace Transportation Plan (PTT) or Company Travel Plan (PDE), a PMS is the completion of a range of measures, developed and executed at a workplace, to streamline mobility to the workplace.

Sustainable Mobility Plan Actions

The measures aim to encourage the use of more efficient and sustainable modes of transport (on foot, by bicycle and by public transport). With the aim of promoting more efficient use of the car and reducing the need to travel to the workplace.

Sustainable Mobility Plan Goal

The main goal of the plan is to reduce the negative impacts of mobility to work centers and provide benefits to the center owner, employees and society.

The time required to implement the plan depends on the size of the work center, the scope of the actions to be carried out and the infrastructure to be set up. From a few weeks to a few months.

At Cycling Friendly, we are committed to the bicycle as the most efficient and sustainable vehicle. It has multiple benefits for physical and mental health, air quality and public health.

The active mobility that cycling offers is health, and healthy and happy people are up to 12% more productive, they have 65% more energy and their connection to the company is greater.

The mobility coordinator is the person designated by the workplace management to coordinate the development of the plan.

The main coordinating role is:

✔ Oversee plan development and implementation .

✔ Advise the management and the legal worker representatives.

✔ Maintain management and staff support commitments.

✔ Manage communication, awareness and promotion actions.

✔ Coordinate the research required to process the plan strategies.

✔ Reporting the results of its implementation.


What are the other functions of a mobility coordinator?

✔ Coordinate and manage the meetings of working groups and the supervisory of the evaluation planning committee.

✔ Answer staff questions about the plan.

✔ Be the communication link between the different departments of the workplace and with external organizations.

✔ Coordinate the follow-up programme.

The PMS is part of the Corporate Social Responsibility policy and the 17 Sustainable Development Goalsof the UN 2030 agenda.

Any company and institution that generates mobility to the workplaceof its employees and is worried about the negative impacts thereof, canimplement a PMS to achieve important benefits.

PMS benefits for the company
  • Reduction of polluting gas emissions and reduction of the carbon footprint, improvement of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  • Improving health (exercise, less stress, less absenteeism).
  • Increased productivity and improved working environment.
  • Increasing competitiviness.
  • Reducing energy consumption.
  • Reducing accident rates.
  • Reducing traffic congestion and noise.
  • Efficiency and travelling cost optimization.
  • Better occupation of public space.
  • Strengthening the sustainability culture in the organization, etc.


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