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As the portal notes, the Ministry of Mobility will soon publish the shops in which it is possible to make purchases at a discount, exclusively for residents of the Valencian Community


From Monday, June 22, residents of the Valencian Community can take advantage of great discounts on the purchase of their bicycles and scooters. This is characterized by the latest initiative in the field of transport from the Generalitat Valenciana, which aims to promote the use of sustainable vehicles during #NuevaMovilidad.

Urban cycling

Today, Monday, June 15, the order will be published regulating the procedure to participate in the initiativeand Valencian companies will be able to participate in the campaign from then on.

The Ministry of Mobility will publish the list of participating companies on its website throughout the week. Customer assistance can be requested from the following Monday (June 22).

The new measure is part of the Plan for the Promotion of Bicycle Use and has an investment of 500,000 euros. This subsidizes the purchase of bicycles (conventional and electric), electric passenger cars (scooters) and bicycle electrification kits. The purchase can only be made at Community branches and stores that adhere to the plan.

urban cyclist


Planned assistance changes depending on the vehicle to be purchased. The following amounts are envisaged under the measure:

  • Aids up to 250 euros in the case of e-bikes (Not exceeding 1,400 euros).
  • Up to 75 euros for the non-electrified ones (Not exceeding 500 euros).
  • Up to 75 euros for electric scooters (Not exceeding 450 euros).
  • Up to 200 euros for the installation of electrification system (Not exceeding 600 euros).
  • Up to 150 euros for the purchase of bicycles with cargo elements for children’s transport (in this case the price of the family bicycle may not exceed 700 euros).


Interested persons must meet the unique requirement as residents of the Valencian Community Soon you can check the list of companies that have joined the campaign on a website commissioned by the Ministry of Mobility.

Once the establishment and purchase vehicle has been selected, the applicant must complete the necessary on-site documentation. When the application is approved, you can benefit from the aid at the time of purchase. The amount of the subsidy is directly deducted from the sales price.


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