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Success stories in Sustainable Mobility

  • The best Mobility by Cycling Friendly success stories are on the one hand Sustainable Mobility projects with private companies such as Workplace Transportation Planswhere we promote the use of bicycles and PMVs as a means of transport to offices, shopping centers, ….
  • We also have numerous success stories with public institutions, Sustainable Mobility Studies, Cycling Masterplans and Safe school lanes, where we have carried out projects together to promote sustainable mobility in their respective locations.
  • In the same way, we are references in the provision of sustainable mobility solutionsand have a wide repertoire of bicycle parking spaces and PMVs (lockers, velopas, …), which range from simpler formats with manual opening to formats with solar panel charging systems and opening via apps for mobile phones.
  • We also work with residential buildings and neighborhood communities adapting their spaces to promote the use of sustainable mobility vehicles such as bicycles.


Fancy to be our next success story?

If you are committed on a change to a more sustainable mobility with Mobility by Cycling Friendly, all you have to do is contact us and we will evaluate your project in a personalized way. Ready to join for a more sustainable world?


Commitment to sustainable mobility

Whether you are an institution, a private company, a neighboring building, … you can contribute in a very simple way by betting on a change in mobility (ODS2030), essential to ensure a future for our planet.