No room for bicycles at home.

The falling space standard and the lack of room in current homes generally causes difficulty in bicycle storage. Cycling Friendly offers all kinds of solutions to a better use of space for safe and efficient bike storage, both urban or sport bikes.

Bike storage at home

Cleaning and saving space, the two key solutions to bike space problems at home

Bike storage solutions on the terrace

Combining space saving and the best solution of bike protection against bad weather conditions (sheath, coverage,…).

How to store your bike in your garden

An alternative with more available space but exposure to the weather. Lockers, sheds, hangars or huts, for open spaces or simpler infrastructures for covered terraces.

Bicycle storage in the garage or storage room

Any space available for private or comunal use? Why not turning it into a perfect place to bike storage? Top storage space use solutions and management with owner communities to comunal bicycle stations creations in garages.

Cycling Friendly solutions.

Bicycle parking facilities

Wide range of infrastructures to safe and comfortable bicycle parking solutions to students.