Safer School Zones

Safe School Lanes

Safe school lanes are routes that are created for both boys and girls on their journeys to their educational center so that they become more autonomous.

Restoring this mobility depends on many factors, but Mobility By Cycling Friendly is committed to promoting values that care for the environment, sustainable mobility by the smallest.

Each road is a different world because they have different characteristics, so we study them carefully.

For a successful safe school route, it requires the collaboration of schools, parents’ associations, local administration and above all the main actors, children.

Above all, at Mobility By Cycling Friendly, we specialise in creating bikebus where children cycle to school safely.

Our school mobility studies are based on the European STARS (School Sustainable Travel Accreditation and Recognition) project, as it aims to encourage and reward schools that promote such sustainable and safe commuting.

The goals of the STARS project include the following:

  • To increase the number of children and teenagers commuting to school in a sustainable way, either on foot or by bicycle.
  • Promoting children’s autonomy in the city.
  • Promoting engagement by the youth in the public space.
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle and care for the environment.

Raising awareness in schools:

From Mobility By Cycling Friendly, we work together with Institutions to promote the use of bicycles as a leading means of transport in the new Sustainable Urban Mobility.

Necesidad de transporte sostenible

Un 40% de desplazamientos diarios en ciudades se producen para ir a trabajar o a centros de estudio

Coche: medio de transporte contaminante

Lamentablemente, casi el 60% de estos desplazamientos se produce en coche.

Objetivo: una sociedad concienciada

Aumentar el número de ciudadanos que prescinden del uso de vehículos privados a combustión y pasen a usar la bicicleta para sus desplazamientos cotidianos.


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