Scooter Parking

VMP parking in cities.

How to coexist with scooters is the question that every citizen is asking at the moment. Both in 2020 and 2021, the sale of VMP (personal mobility vehicles) skyrocketed in different Spanish cities.

Today, they have become a mode of transport for commuting, leisure or getting around the city.

But scooters need a different approach, because nowadays cities, shopping centres and educational centres lack a proper infrastructure.

Mobility By Cycling Friendly offers several solutions to avoid their urban invasion, but to do so in an orderly and safe way through the following parking facilities.


Rack consisting of a circular element in painted steel with special recesses for the orderly parking of skateboards. The rack is equipped with a movable element in stainless steel plates to allow locking with a padlock or cable. Available with painted steel supports suitable for floor or wall fixing.

Material: Painted and stainless steel.

Scale: 1,7 m x 0,85 m y 0,76 m.

Weight: 27 kg.

Anchoring System: Anchored by direct flooring.

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(VAT, transport and installation not included)

VMP Basic parking

Stand to park VMPs or scooters quickly and easily.

These parking facilities are delivered in modules to park 5 units.

In addition, the user can use his own padlock thanks to the built-in anti-theft system.

The anchoring system is direct flooring and easy to install.

Material: Stainless steel.


Weight: –

Anchoring System: Direct flooring

From 199 €

(VAT, transport and installation not included)

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