Two-tier parking facilities

Two-tier bike racks

The 2-level two-tier parkings are possibly one of the most prestigious and well-known bicycle parking facilities in the world.

It is an efficient, safe and comfortable solution for large-capacity bike parking facilities, a very economical and efficient alternative to make the most of all available parking spaces.


Double Height: the fashion bike parking

Talking about double height is talking about a bike parking system that is very widespread internationally and which is gaining more and more followers in our country.

With the bicycle boom that we are currently experiencing in Spain, this system will play a major role in the coming years. Are you staying one step behind?


The best space-saving solution

The best parking system for communities, offices and shopping centers. Thanks to its two-tier bike parking system, it is the best space-saving facility.

Combined with hangars and security lockers, it is the best bike parking solution.

Make your customers, employees or neighbors in your community feel safe when they park their bikes.


With the Mobility By Cycling Friendly Guarantee

Through mobility solutions like this one, Mobility By Cycling Friendly does its part to fight climate change.

We promote the use of the bicycle as the main mode of transport in our cities. Ready to ride together against climate change?

Two-tier bike parking solution as an optimal space use.

Ideal for high-density bicycle parking areas, such as stations, shopping centers, schools, private parking lots and offices.

Materials: Frame, racks and supports: Steel, galvanised and/or coated. Wheel grooves: anodised aluminium Plastic items: PA6 glass-fiber filling.

Weight: .

Scale: 2045 x 40 x 2360

Anchoring system: Metal dowels.

To review. Each unit is made up of the Velopa support for 1 bicycle + 1 Union Extender for the structure.

(VAT, transport and installation not included)

Do you need a Velopa parking solution?